Contributions to intelligent transportation systems

Optimizing the use of transportation infrastructures is now crucial for public and private road operators. Monitoring and dynamic traffic management systems are a relevant and effective response contributing to the development of a rationalized use of the roads.

Systems such as user information system, speed regulation, ramp metering and dynamic assignment are complex integrated systems using the latest information and communication technologies and requiring technological expertise.

While data collection and signaling equipment are nowadays common supplies with many suppliers and efficient technologies, traffic intelligence remains an emerging field.

Karrus innovates by providing the first dynamic traffic management platform, a missing brick for the generalization of these systems in the industry. This modular and scalable software platform is at the heart of Karrus turnkey solutions and delivers proven, high performance, robust, fast and competitive solutions.

Integrate today real-time traffic intelligence into the operation of your road infrastructures.

The company

Karrus is an independent, self-financing industrial company with a healthy growth achieved through the quality of its products, the competence of its staff and the satisfaction of its customers.

Our independence allows us to always prioritize the interest of our customers, not to suffer the strategic or financial choices of investors and put the human at the center of our development.

Karrus’ staff consists of experts in traffic engineering, modeling, automation and software. This multidisciplinary approach is at the center of the products developed by Karrus.

Although recently created, Karrus has quickly become part of the transportation ecosystem and has solid references in the public and private sectors.


Today, operators in control rooms are forced to notice the appearance of congestions, mainly with the help of video. The real-time processing of the vast amount of traffic data collected on road infrastructure provides operators with value-added information that is more relevant in terms of operations than video systems.

This information available in real time allows:

– To quantify the traffic situations,

– To predict situations of breakdown,

– To automate certain recurrent operations.

These new practices make possible the evolution of the industry standards towards more efficiency and safety. Karrus, a pioneering company of traffic intelligence, contributes to this evolution.