Evaluating the potential performance of a dynamic traffic management policy is a delicate task. Yet it is a fundamental element for decision makers.

With an extensive track record of projects, Karrus has developed a multi-criteria methodology with relevant traffic engineering indicators for such evaluations.

Karrus is able to install temporary traffic sensors to collect the necessary data for evaluations and to use traffic simulators.


Karrus provides consulting services to public and private road operators as well as to integrators and equipment manufacturers operating in the field of road operations.

Our consulting services have already been used for the following tasks:

– Technology benchmarks concerning road equipments,

– Analysis of opportunities for dynamic traffic management,

– Feasibility study before projects,

– Traffic analysis and traffic management recommendations,

– Assistance to draft specifications,

– Assistance to traffic management projects,

– Innovation benchmark for road operations.


The multitude of available technologies for data collection and the emerging nature of dynamic traffic management algorithms make technical choices more and more complex. Conducting experiments is an integral part of the implementation of dynamic operating systems.

Karrus experience in conducting such experiments makes it possible to test and evaluate new equipment or operating strategies following a rigorous and proven methodology, while limiting risks.